Meticulous quality control; literally setting the industry standard

Quality Assurance Department reviews in-bound and outbound search traffic. Next-level researcher software uses built-in fail-safes and red flags to avert commonly found researcher errors before they make it into reports. The Research Group itself is personally overseen by Founder & CEO, Timothy Baxter. Known by many as the “man who wrote the book on criminal research,” Mr. Baxter is a Founding Member of NAPBS and co-authored the association’s Criminal Research Provider Guidelines. Under his leadership, he literally set the standard for search quality in use to this day and holds his entire organization accountable to it.

Full responsibility for your research

Baxter is not a “shoulder shrug” Provider. If you can’t get your research in due time from lengthy court imposed delays, Baxter will activate every resource known to man to resolve it. This includes flying out senior executives for personal meetings with Court Executive Officers, Supervisors, Clerks, District Attorneys; letter writing campaigns or engaging the full support of the NAPBS Government Relations Grassroots Subcommittee on which Baxter’s Vice President Chairs.